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SSR Windscreen


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SSR Windscreen Behind Seats

To install, you only need a flat screwdriver and a 10mm socket and rachet.
See the pictures for guidance on installation.
installation photo 1: shows the “bumper” behind the passenger seat.
installation photo 2: “pop” the plastic buttons off with the flat screwdriver and expose the 10mm nut.
installation photo 3: shows the exposed nut.
installation photo 4: remove the 10mm nuts with the rachet and remove the “bumper”
installation photo 5: removing the bumper
installation photo 6: shows the “notch” in the bumper. The 05 and 06 SSR has the notch already in the bumper, The 03-04 SSR does not have the notch in the bumper and you will have to carefully cut or file a notch to allow the brackets on the windstop to fit behind.
installation photo 7: shows the brackets on the windstop.
Repeat this process on the bumper behind the other seat.
Slide the windstop brackets onto the exposed studs and re-install the bumpers to hold the windstop in place.

The top can be raised and lowered with the windstop left in place. It does NOT ave to be removed and re-installed whenever you raise and lower the top.

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Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 41 × 19 × 6 in

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