• Rebuilt Right or Left Stowage Cover Cylinder

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Item #: 88980812-R
Our Price: $500.00
Core Fee
  • Included Core - ($200.00)
3 units available


Rebuilt Right or Left Stowage Cover Cylinder. This cylinder connects to lines numbered 51 and 52 OR 53 and 54. These are the cylinders behind the access panels in the top storage area.

This is a rebuilt cylinder with upgraded seals and o-rings designed to be better than the original and comes with a three year warranty.

The price includes a $200.00 core charge that is refundable when we recieve your old rebuildable unit back. 

Rebuilt cylinder $300.00 + $200.00 core charge.

This is # 9 on the diagram. Does either left or right side. 2 required if replacing both sides.
weight: 1 lb
dimensions: 8 x 2 x 2 in

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