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A New Vision

Bill Welsh has a new vision that involves the Chevrolet SSR Truck manufactured from 2003 through 2006. He came across the special edition truck while at a salvage yard, where he was picking a wrecked Jaguar XKR. As Bill was loading the Jaguar, out of the corner of his eye, he spotted an unusual bright red convertible pick-up truck. After thinking about it for moment he realized that it was a Limited Edition Chevrolet Super Sport Roadster (SSR). Who knew that at this time, the spark was ignited for a new venture.

The next week, Bill was the successful bidder at the auction and now owned his first SSR. As Bill trailered the SSR home he thought this truck would be an easy fix. All he had to do was put a new convertible top on, fix the right front fender, replace the grille, and bumper cover. His parts search began and he found out immediately that the dealerships, nor the factory had any top panels or mechanisms. The dealers said they could get the pieces, which Bill ordered. After waiting several weeks for the parts, Bill realized that GM really didn't have parts nor could they get them.

Bill then began to search the salvage yards to find that most of the wrecked SSR's were damaged beyond repair. A year and a half later, after waiting on new parts and chasing used parts, Bill had his SSR put together. It was worth the wait even though he had to buy 3 parts trucks in the process to complete his red SSR.

The excitement of driving the completed SSR ignited Bill's passion . The fun of picking one of the six gears to shift in and out of and putting the convertible hard top down in less than one minute reminded him of the custom pick up trucks of the 1950's and 60's. Bill was quick to conclude that SSR's are good value for the money. Everywhere Bill drives his SSR, people take notice. The SSR is definitely a head turner.

Bill heard the last production SSR available to the public, VIN 24111, was to be auctioned off November 2010. This Chevrolet SSR had never been titled, had only eight actual miles, two tone paint (black over silver), and a six speed transmission. You know who the new owner of this truck is now? Wild Bill.

Word soon got out that Bill had purchased a few SSR's for rebuilding, 21 to be exact, plus all the new parts he could find and purchase. He had now started a new parts business and customers began calling him for SSR's and parts.

Because of Bill's experience in building his Jaguar parts company, Welsh Enterprises Inc. (www.welshent.com), over forty years ago, he recognized the value of dismantling and storing all the trucks and spares indoors to re-condition.

History repeats itself

In 1960 Bill bought his first Jaguar, a 1954 XK-120 Roadster, which did not run and needed a complete restoration. This first Jaguar took three additional XK-120 Roadsters to complete job. This is still Bill's favorite in his stable of cars. Doesn't this sound like history repeating itself for Bill? He believes that the Chevrolet SSR is the best limited production truck GM has ever made and is undervalued at this time.